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Primerio International Director, John Oxenham, was interviewed on "The Money Show" by Bruce Whitfield on alternatives to prosecution of corruption

Following Primerio International's event hosted in conjunction with the International Bar Association, John Oxenham provided his remarks on the importance of the implementation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD") Anti-Bribery Recommendations.

In the interview with Bruce Whitfield, John Oxenham outlined the potential benefits and fallbacks of a formal Non-Trial Resolutions regime in South Africa.

"They are certainly an effective and speedy means by which there could conceivably be some form of guilty plea by an individual or corporation which will do away with the significantly laborious task of trying to actually tackle corrupt activities through the standard court processes which can take a number of years." 

"There's got to be the balancing act struck. You've got to have at least the ability of some form of restorative justice - it can't simply be a question of the most guilty coming forward and spilling the beans... There needs to be some compliance with a broader set of commitments which could entail more than just providing some form of monetary settlement..."

Listen to the radio interview here
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