Our people

With over 30 years’ international expertise in economic and financial analysis, trade negotiations, and deal making, Peter O’Brien has advised governments, NGOs, and private clients on economics, policy, and diplomacy matters. Peter is economics & trade advisor to Primerio’s clients, having worked worked in all regions of Africa, providing advice to clients ranging from South African conglomerates to Ethiopian government ministries.  A native of Ireland, Peter is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

  • Negotiation of the SADC Trade Protocol.

  • Preparation of a €30mn EU financed Program to Implement Trade Commitments throughout SADC.

  • Development of the Cut Flower Export sector in Zambia, building a joint venture with local and international capital and expertise.

  • Creation in Ethiopia of a United Nations financed partnership to utilize the skills of Ethiopians living abroad to develop the private sector.

  • Construction of the Millennium Challenge Programs in Senegal and Benin.

  • Analyse de la création d’un Power Pool (Commerce International de l’Electricité) pour la région SADC.

  • Etudes économiques sur (1) le développement technologique de l’industrie de l’électricité en France, Angleterre et les Etats-Unis; (2) la faisabilité d’une centrale nucléaire en Slovénie; et (3) préparation des Normes pour le secteur Electricité en Indonésie.