Services – Advocacy

In addition to our practice as external counsel, the Primerio team is also involved in a variety of policy and advocacy-based initiatives. We advocate for competition law and international best practices across the continent. We remain at the forefront of policy developments and enforcement tends.

Some of the initiatives that our Primerio team members are involved in include:

  • Serving as Africa’s only representative for Business at OECD before the OECD Secretariat Competition Committee.
  • Active members of the American Bar Association’s Task Force Team including the Procedural Transparency Task Force Team.
  • Assisted in drafting various elements of the Mauritian competition legislation and procedural guidelines.
  • Provided comments on behalf of the American Bar Association and American Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the amendments to South Africa’s Competition Act.
  • Regularly engage with regional agencies as part of their advocacy initiatives including participating annually at COMESA Competition Commission’s event for business journalists.
  • Regularly contribute to publications, host webinars and provide commentary to competition law developments across the continent.
  • Assisting the International Chamber of Commerce’s Competition Committee engaging regulators across the continent in relation to advocacy and best practice.