Services – Competition Tool Kit

Please see below various merger control guides and publications to which Primerio team members have contributed:

Webinars/ Seminars

  • Primerio Webinar: Impact of Covid and Force Majeure (2020)

Featuring Primerio practitioners John Oxenham: Andreas Stargard: Gilbert Noel; Fidel Mwaki

  • Primerio Webinar: Competition Law Developments Across Africa (2020)

Featuring key note speaker Eleanor Fox and Primerio practitioners Chabo Peo; Michael-James Currie; Andreas Stargard; John Oxenham.

  • 11th Annual South African Competition Conference (2017): Presentation of paper on Follow on Civil Damages in South Africa

Featuring Primerio practitioner Michael-James Currie (at 04:36)